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Argentyn 23
Our Professional Formulation

Argentyn 23 was developed specifically for healthcare professionals. The product offers healthcare providers a strategic immune enhancing alternative.


About Natural-Immunogenics Corp.

This story began almost forty years ago, in 1966, while searching for an alternative to the chlorine-based systems to keep his swimming pool [in France] free of bacteria and algae. Mr. Stephen L. Quinto – the founder of Natural-Immunogenics 32 years later – was then introduced to the new development he sought. This new system, based on silver and copper ion generators, appeared to satisfy his criteria and he proceeded with the purchase and installation. Once completed, the water in the pool was kept at 88°F year-round; this system worked beautifully! At the time, he gave it no further thought.

Curiously, in 1997, at one of those most auspicious moments in life when one is liberated from the commitments that determine everyday efforts, an old colleague came by to visit bringing with him information on a new phenomenon he wanted to share; it was on 'colloidal silver'. Studying the material given him, Mr. Quinto suddenly realized that the pool he had built and enjoyed so many years ago had only been kept pure because it was, in fact, filled with the same material he was once again looking at …colloidal silver.

Thus began the pilgrimage that would ultimately take a yet-to-be company to the unique position of leadership it enjoys today. On that particular day in late 1997 he simply was determined to get to the bottom of the silver question. It became clear that what was being offered today as colloidal silver was essentially an elementary derivative of the same formulations widely used in medicine back when he was a child. Crude though they were, prior to the era of antibiotics they were the only effective options for infection. Furthermore, the technology employed today was generally no more evolved than that used 70 to 90 years ago when such products were the norm and in widespread use by the medical profession.

As a matter of fact, it was almost too easy to make this ‘product’; all it took was a pair of silver electrodes, some pure, or proteinated, water and a little AC or DC current ….and you could make for pennies what could then be sold for dollars. But Mr. Quinto knew instinctively that there was much more to it than had ever been seen.....

Research into colloidal silver had been effectively aborted some sixty years ago when these anti-infective products were displaced by antibiotics. The irony was that the breach occurred long before the technology to “see” them was even possible. [Electron microscopy was still thirty years away!] Mr. Quinto sensed that the path might possibly be recovered, and that what had been lost could be regained. He knew as well what this lost time had cost the world in destructive consequence and so set about his own research quest.

Working with a Doctorate-level chemist at the University of Miami as a sounding board, Mr. Quinto found the breakthrough he had become increasingly convinced was possible. Natural-Immunogenics Corp. was incorporated April 1, 1998. A year and a half later, the breakthrough occurred. He had produced, it appeared, a [colloidal] silver hydrosol so fine that its trace could not even be easily detected in an electron microscope.

Micrographs taken in a transmission electron microscope at Brigham Young University (BYU) proved what had been achieved, but further testing was needed before any decision would be taken. The microbiology lab at the U. of Miami then confirmed that it was “an historic immune agent,” even at dilutions of 150ppb (parts per billion), whereupon the decision was taken to commercially develop this state-of-the-art material; no other choice was possible. In the spring of 1999, the Company built and equipped a laboratory in an industrial park in Miami dedicated solely to the new technology.

The same summer, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) – in a stinging rebuke to those making indiscriminate claims about colloidal silver – proceeded to regulate all silver-containing products off the shelves as an OTC drug product (a category to which it had belonged for over 100 years). The problem was, and continues to be, that opportunistic manufacturers proliferate on the internet, each claiming to be the only 'true' colloidal silver maker, or proposing one can make it oneself for pennies a day by buying their machines to make it at home.

What the Company had developed bore little resemblance to the products for which such claims were being made. In fact, what most manufacturers were making and selling as “colloidal silver” looked like the "by-product" [called "effluent", or waste material] of the process by which Natural-Immunogenics creates its own product, a material it discards.

In spite of that formidable setback imposed by the FDA, Natural-Immunogenics’ recognized that its unique development must be brought to the attention of the medical community -- not an easy task. But it saw that it was possible by first bringing the new product to the health food market under DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994). That it was actually an enabling legislation was not without its perils, but the product was far too important to be suppressed.

The remaining problems were easily solved although it took time. Engineering the production process to reproduce the quality achieved experimentally took nine months. A transmission-electron microscope installed that summer confirmed that vast seas of the tiniest silver particles ever seen – averaging 0.0008 microns – were now being produced. The new production matrix was even better than what had been achieved experimentally.

Under Mr. Quinto’s leadership, the Company focused on bringing its extraordinary product to market. In late December 1999, “Sovereign Silver” was introduced into the U.S. marketplace. Two years later a derivative professional line based on the same technology followed; called “Argentyn 23”. Subsequently a variety of sizes and applications of each product were introduced: a fine mist spray, a vertical spray, and the three diferent-sized dropper bottles.

In the following five years the Company that oversaw the birth and development of an “evolutionary” immune product also saw its success in the marketplace. While toxic alternatives prevailed for sixty years or so, the new product it had developed was significantly superior than any of its predecessors. The quality and value of silver as THE supreme immune agent has been finally re-discovered, and consumer response, especially that from the medical community, has brought the Company the recognition it has earned.

Thus, in 2007, Natural-Immunogenics Corp's products are recognized as the finest of their kind. In this year too it will also develop derivative products of silver, as well as new mineral products whose properties - and the health benefits derived - will be enhanced by the unique technology it has developed. And as it does so, it will increase its share of responsibility for the future well-being of mankind, by satisfying the ever-growing demand for its silver hydrosol products.

Natural Immunogenics Corp. is a Registered and Certified GMP Facility. NSF International has certified our facility as fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices, confirming our high operating standards through independent verification of our quality system, processes, procedures and documentation. NIC has a long history of setting benchmarks in the industry, and remains committed to supplying customers with products of the highest quality and safety.

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